Neways International Review - Is the Neways International business opportunity really as good as it

Published: 24th February 2010
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One of the leading companies in the field of network marketing is Neways International, that operates in almost thirty countries around the world, and boasts of over 500,000 distributors globally. Founded in 1992, the company's annual sales revenues are today approaching two-thirds of a billion dollars. In 2006, the company's success led the top private equity firm Golden Gate Capital to acquire it, opening greater future opportunities for the company and its distributors.

Neways International products include some very unique formulations in the nutrition, personal care, and household care segments. The company's focus is to make the world full of "Neways Healthy Homes," as it claims, "using innovations that combine the best of nature and science."

In any case, it is critical to take a detached view of the Neways International opportunity. There are many factors one should consider before jumping headlong into a part time or full time venture such as this one. One should consider the product, the opportunity as well as management and "the marketing system" used to recruit distributors. Also, for the aspiring entrepreneurs it is important to assess their own aptitude and inclination for networking marketing before they go ahead. There is no substitute for hard work in this industry, just like any other industry.

The Hybrid Compensation plan offered by Neways is quite attractive. It entails a real payout rate of 50% of commissionable volumes. But for a new entrant, there is a note of caution that income is generated only if the sales take place and the network is enhanced. The distributor's key role is build his own business organization by creating a strong downline of committed distributors. The distributor earns commissions on the purchases of his downline, and gets a rebate on his own purchases. The income growth of the distributor is directly linked to the growth of his organization.

The healthcare and personal items categories of Neways International command an excellent demand and a good image in the marketplace. Neways International NZ and Australia are becoming quite successful markets for the company, apart from the U.S., U.K. and others. Overall, there is a growing business opportunity in the network marketing industry, with real products and real sales happening across the world.

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